Our company was founded in 1975 by Mehmet Ali Özdemir. He graduated from Istanbul Technical university in 1975 and completed his post graduation in Architecture faculty. Our company has been operating on construction, making projects and consulting activities for 46 years. Our main aim is the contentment of our clients in an architectural discipline, while doing this acting in a mediculous and careful way, making no concessions on quality and  putting our unique designs into practise is our motto.

The staff of our company are technically well-equipped and very experienced in their expertise and specialized areas and ready to find the best solutions to the expectations of our contemporary world. Principled honesty and being reliable is a must for us.

Our company continue its activities primarily on hospitals, health facilities, business centers , hotels,schools, industrial structures,housing and all kinds of decorations, restorations and building repair jobs.


Our Mission

  • To continuously increase the talents and capacity of our company
  • To provide  and supply the expectations of our clients on produce and services on a maximum level actually 100% of their  needs and requests

  • To try to find precise correct  solutions  to the expectations of our clients.

  • To follow the developments of the building sector closely and always keep our stock of knowledge in high level


  • To be a leading, most admired, appreciated and open to developments company in this sector

  • To be one of the best organisations not only human based but also environmentally oriented

  • To be a company which attach great importance to our clients expectations and their contentments

  • To be a reliable organization that create a surplus value for our community and humanity

  • To choose the correct, convenient and appropriate materials and equipments for our clients.

  • To offer careful plannings according to our clients’ budget and select appropriate price analysis.

  • To apply quality control continuously and finish the job on time literally meet the deadline is our main rule and principle

Our Service Areas And Activities

    Primarily all kinds of hospitals, all branch centers and other health facilities ,business centers, industrial structures, training facilities and touristic facilities.

-Architectural design and projecting.

-Design and manufacturing




-Mechanical and electrical projecting and applications

-Consulting services

-Contracting and building services